Who we are and what we do

We are Virtual Professionals (VPRO). We can offer virtual assistance support and various services particularly geared towards online selling, especially Amazon and Shopify and WordPress. Some of the services we offer are:

* Amazon Seller Account Maintenance Service thru weekly VPRO Amazon Seller Amihan Report. This report provides a weekly report on Amazon seller accounts which includes performance and Amazon policy compliance, warnings, and violations such as authenticity issues, returns, and assistance in filing cases in removing negative feedback. Moreover, a review of overall Account Health as well as recommendations for Performance review based on Account Health, Feedback health, A-to-z guarantee claims, Chargeback claims, and Performance Notifications. FBA Inventory Reconciliation (FBA Refunds) for Filing Lost and damaged items, customer returns and reimbursements, FBA fees overcharge, SAFE-T Claims, etc.
* Amazon FBA Refunds reconciliation
* Amazon FBA Negative Feedback Removal
* Amazon Seller Central Account inventory management, Amazon order processing
* Assistance on Amazon US suspension, creating Plan of Action (POA) and Amazon suspension prevention.
* English Customer support for Chinese sellers in Alibaba and Amazon US and Canada and other marketplaces and Latin America
* Amazon Advertising: Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns, Amazon Headline Search Ads
* Amazon Web Services (AWS)
* Amazon Appeals for Suspension, Plan of Action (POA), Seller Performance Policy Violation
* Graphic Design, Photoshop (Photo Editing and Photo manipulation)
* Web design and web development
* Digital marketing in partnership with Dr. Janette Cheng-Toral
* Virtual Assistance
* Content creation and marketing
* Low-cost Data entry solutions
* MS Excel-related work (VBA, macros, Power pivot, pivot tables, etc)

VPRO is founded by JM Mariano, a seasoned virtual assistant. He is a Certified e-Commerce Professional, a certificate holder from the Asian Institute of E-Commerce in the Philippines.

Finding reliable, honest staff that are easy to work with is hard. With us, your problem is over. Our team consists of honest and hardworking Filipino in-house staff. Work with VPRO program managers and agents who understand you linguistically and value your time. We employ the best industry tools to organize our work processes and streamline our communications. We want to take menial tasks away from you so you can focus on what’s important: MAKING YOUR BUSINESS GROW.

Pay 0 fees. No complicated pricing and fees structure. Pay for just the rate agreed.

Ready to power your business and save on huge fees charged in job marketplaces? Talk to us today.