Amazon Buyers’ Customer Phone Number Privacy

I have seen a couple of Amazon seller accounts today with banner notification about phone number privacy. See image below.

Amazon Customer Phone number privacy

Amazon takes customers’ personal information privacy very seriously. If you are not quite familiar with many of Amazon’s business solutions agreement and a list of prohibited seller activities, better read up on their Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and Prohibited Seller Activities and actions article for more info (sign-in required).

Service providers are asked not to do the following as outlined in this policy:

The service provider may not solicit additional products, parts, or service orders before, during, or after the service call.

Often, service providers do cross-sale or up-sale on their services without knowing that these acts are prohibited. However, do note of this paragraph that details how you, as a service provider, and the buyer can engage in up-sale and cross-sale

If the buyer requests services, parts, or products outside of the defined scope of work, then the service provider may fulfill that request and charge the buyer directly.

This means that you do not solicit, the intent should not come from you but from the buyer himself/herself. We’ll discuss more aspects of privacy and seller’s prohibited acts in the coming blogposts.

Happy selling!


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