Amazon Online Returns Center and prepaid returns

Now, buyers with approved returns on items eligible for prepaid returns can now print a prepaid return shipping label in the Online Returns Center “instantly”. Yes, now they can. Amazon recently enabled prepaid returns for items that are Fulfilled by Merchants (FBM). Some buyers will see that on their Online Returns Center and will be able to print a prepaid returns shipping label so they can ship it back to the seller. Sellers whose accounts were enabled for prepaid returns will see a notification along the top of their Manage Returns page under Orders menu.
It should look something like this
Amazon online returns center and prepaid returns process
Amazon online returns center and prepaid returns process

You should refund the buyer within 48 hours upon receipt of the refund request, otherwise, Amazon will take action and charge it subsequently to your seller account and this will have a huge performance metric repercussion on your part and will definitely affect your Return Dissatisfaction Rate (RDR). Here’s some information about RDR.

The Return Dissatisfaction Rate (RDR) is the percentage of valid return requests that were not answered within 48 hours, were incorrectly rejected, or received negative customer feedback.

RDR measures customer satisfaction with how you processed their returns. It consists of three individual components:

Negative Return Feedback Rate
Late Response Rate
Invalid Rejection Rate

Sounds like a pain but this will definitely help sellers provide the best possible customer service experience on returns. Now, you don’t have to print the return shipping label yourself since Amazon took that workload off your plate by allowing buyers to do it themselves.

Happy selling!

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