Does your product have an expiration date? Here are some tips from Amazon to avoid complaints

canned condiments and aromatic herbs and spicesIf you’re shipping products to Amazon fulfillment centers for your FBA products, it is important that you understand some rules on expiration dates. All items in a single box must have the same expiration date and that they have a minimum 105 days remaining before the expiration date. This ensures that all items are safe to consume and have enough time for storage in Amazon fulfillment centers before they are made available for sale to customers.

Here are some tips from Amazon regarding product expiration date:

  • Ensure your items have a minimum of 105 days remaining before the expiration or use-by date at the time of receipt by Amazon Fulfillment Centers.
  • Ensure any items that cannot be reasonably consumed or used within 105 days before they expire are received at Amazon Fulfillment Centers with expiration or use-by date that is greater than the intended use period.
  • Do not place labels over the expiration or use-by dates unless you are replacing a manufacture date or incorrectly formatted expiration date with the correct format.
  • Keep track of “Inventory Age” on Seller Central and initiate inventory recall when items are expired (if Amazon has not already disposed of the inventory).
  • Ensure each shipment box to Amazon only contains ASINs with a single expiration date. Multiple ASINs can be shipped in the same box only if all of the ASINs in the box have the same expiration date.

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