Refunds and reconciling your Amazon FBA inventory

accounting money person holding a phoneAmazon FBA is a huge business. FBA, which means, Fulfillment by Amazon, allows you to scale up your business by sending your inventory to Amazon warehouse or fulfillment center and let Amazon employees pick, pack, and ship your items and handle your customer service for the product you sell whenever an order occurs.

Amazon’s fulfillment system is beyond imaginable. The system they implement, the machines they use, artificial intelligence, algorithm, machine learning, and partnership with key logistic carrier seamlessly working together in unison make Amazon a true technological and management wonder.

The reconciliation of your inventory is done by Amazon by default. The Inventory Reconciliation Report in the Reports menu provides a detailed view of how your products move in each and out of Amazon fulfillment centers. It also gives you information about items sold, damaged, lost and found, as well as returned by customers. Amazon allows you to download historical records of these date for the past 18 months.

While reconciliation technically happens automatically in your Amazon seller account, many of the lost and damaged items and FBA fees, long-term storage fees overcharges still remain hidden and not reimbursed or returned to the seller.

VPRO offers a unique way of recovering these and obtain funds in ways you won’t imagine possible. Talk to us for more info. We only charge 15% on the first try of reconciliation, and only 10% on the next recon moving forward. We also help maintain Amazon seller accounts by checking your messages and helping you deal with problematic orders. This and all help protect your account by improving and maintaining your feedback score as well as keeping your Performance Metrics on green and avoid policy violations and seller performance issues.

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